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A letter from September 29th, 2012

Dear FutureMe,
It will be your 22nd birthday in 10 days. I hope you finished college, and got married to that amazing boy of yours. He treats you right, and remember there is no one in this world that will love you better. I hope you got married and you have three beautiful babies now. Three, not less not more. I hope you have the job of your dreams, and that your parents are doing much better. I am praying that the shitty situation with money passed, and that they are happily enjoying their retirement. Your brother and A.were in Sarajevo all day long and we all went there too. Mom and dad didn't have that much money, so they just went to have some coffee. We had such a nice time, considering the fact that we are broke:)
Hope you're still friends with A, and that you stayed by her side all the time. Don't feel bad, for whatever reason you are feeling bad, because know that all of the pain will eventually go away. I promise! Take care of your kid brother and make sure he stays out of trouble. By the time you read this letter you will be 30! Be wise, and put love always in front of everything. So, call your mom and dad and tell them you love them! Lot of hugs and kisses from your crazy, 22 year old self. **

Sent 8 years to the future from September 29th, 2012 to September 29th, 2020

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