Time Travelled — almost 10 years

A letter from September 23rd, 2012

Sep 24, 2012 Aug 05, 2022

Dear FutureMe,

Happy 28th Birthday!
Have you completed University yet? I really hope so, since you're supposed to be starting a year after I'm writing this.

Remember how I was so hung up on Cameron? I hope you've found a guy more worth our time. I still like him now, and I think it may be first love, but I'm hoping it's not my last.

I hope you're still writing. Remember all the things I should have written? I should be writing right now, actually. Technically I am, though, I'm writing this.

Are you still friends with Emily and Pavel? How about Chase and CJ? Please tell me you are. If not, call them up tomorrow. In fact, call them all up tomorrow. You know who I'm talking about. Ask them how they're doing, let them know I told you to call.

I want to let you know I love you. I don't care who you are now, but I love you. Tell yourself that, please. Because I don't do it often enough right now and I think that's why I feel so low sometimes.

Anyway, I just wanted to check up on you, make sure you're doing alright. I'm not really sure how to end this now.

Your 18-year-old self.

PS, Look at how young I am! Hopefully you aged well. ;)

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