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A letter from me on August 28th, 2012

Dear FutureMe,

Ok, me. You are 50 today! Your kids are all grown up!

I hope this letter finds you well. At this time I am not sure that the earth will even exist for this letter to find you.

Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on New Orleans as I type this and Mitt Romney is being nominated to run against Obama in Tampa right now.
I am oblivious to all that, though, and really don't care who wins.

I write this letter laying in bed alone in C. Do you remember this place? The pink room? I have been working away from home for over three years now and am sick of being away from home. Don't ever forget the lessons I have learned through all this turmoil. I hope you have made some good decisions that have allowed you to be home and have seen your kids grow up. I love them and S, too!

I am proud of your successes. You have, in most definitions, become a success with your degree and career. I have already realized at this point that that is not everything. I just want to lead a simple life, have a garden out back and enjoy being home every night. I really hope you have found that peace at this point. And with God, too!

I'm going to a football game in two days with Mark R., Mike C., and some of the other guys you worked with and perhaps still do. Do you remember that night? It still hasn't happened yet for me. I don't care for the game, but like being with the guys and drinking a few beers! They are good people and I know you remember them. Chris C. just started on the 16th. I am glad you were able to get him a job there. He is a true friend.

Did that job in D work out? I sure hope so. I sent that letter to them today, which is over seven years ago for you.

You should have been out of debt for six years now. Hopefully the house is almost paid for, too! I can't help but wonder what the years hold between now and when you read this. Hopefully you have found many more arrowheads. It was a good spring finding them in KY this year.

Grandma is probably already gone now, but perhaps not! Are mom and dad ok? I hope so and I hope they have decided to drop old feelings and decided to finally become a family.

Do you still think of Mike? Have you crossed over at this point and are there with him now? Either way, I hope you are happy and content.

Anyway, I was just thinking about you on your 50th birthday and wanted to wish you a good one! Happy Thanksgiving, too. Give S a kiss for me and tell her I love her. Give the kids a kiss and hugs, too! By the way, go to the Buffalo and do some fishing with someone you love! Time is short. Look how fast it has passed since I was here, sad and lonely, typing this letter to the 50-year-old you!

Your friend and yourself,

Sent 7 years to the future, from August 29th, 2012 to 7 months ago

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