Time Travelled — almost 10 years

A letter from November 19th, 2011

Hey Future Me,

How are you? I hope well. Seriously, you kind of scare me sometimes with all of your future plans being as hazy and foggy as they are. You know, I never even properly congratulated you (as I know I won’t in the future) for doing everything you wanted to do career-wise.
I wonder how you and I have changed personality-wise. Would we be good friends if I was there? Or would you think I was childish. I wonder. I bet you’re still stubborn as ever, good golly I’m sure of it. Do you still over think just about everything? Future self, I pray you are still as compassionate as ever, well even more than now. I pray you are open-minded and treasure the things you have. Remember what Henry David Thoreau said, “We make ourselves rich by making our wants few.” Don’t forget it.
How’s J? I’m so jealous you’re married now. I keep planning, and planning, and planning but to no avail because the day is just too far away. I know J and I had planned to have babies later in our twenties. Has that happened yet? Future self, you better not have gotten all Fertile Myrtle on me and had them all too soon. You and J need a period of your life where you are just married, without kids. Just the thought gives me chills.
I can’t believe we finally grew up, and boy, am I happy that I have! Has senescence taken its toll on you yet? Those few years of dancing still leaves my poor hips aching, and I am only nineteen years old, I can’t imagine what ten years must have done to them. Keep moving. Oh, goodness gracious my eyesight! I can’t see a darn thing unless it’s basically an inch away from my face – how are you getting by now? Please get laser surgery! For the sake of everything right in the world get the dang surgery. You won’t regret it.
Well I guess I can ask that question that I’ve been dying to wonder, did you travel everywhere? Did you go back to Honduras? How was Paris? Was Europe everything you dreamed it was? I ask this because, I hope all of that walking along the Champs-Elysees did your hips in really good, and I hope you keep healthy for the sake of your kids, because if I’m worried about anything it’s procrastination. Don’t put off all of the things you want, desire, and dream of to the future, because if you do, it most likely will fall to the wayside. Don’t do it. Take care of yourself. Remember, when fighting with J, its okay to admit your wrong, because knowing that boy’s brains – you most likely are. Love your kids, kiss them and hold them tightly. Remember how blessed you are, celebrate Thanksgiving every day, and don’t forget the amount of grace being bestowed upon you.

Love with every speck of myself,
19 Year Old You

P.S If you have kids, don’t forget to read them Harry Potter, because that will teach them friendship, love, and loyalty. Ah, I hope they love it!

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