Time Travelled — almost 10 years

A letter from November 13th, 2011

Happy 70th birthday. It's a Sunday, and I'm typing this sitting on the green couch in my living room on Beechwood, and it's around 9:40 a.m. Mr. Bird was singing earlier, and NPR is on the radio. Later today my pal Bob and I will be putting winter tires on our cars, and we'll be going to Charley's Crab for dinner this evening.

I feel pretty good about turning 60. I'm in good health, have some good friends, a job I enjoy, fun car to drive, and don't look too bad for 60. I'm looking forward to going to New Zealand next March, and if I can manage to drop 40 pounds by then, I'll be looking for a late 80s - early 90s Porsche to buy when I get back. I'm not wanting for much, but it would be nice to be someone's sweetie (although it seems things are picking up with Dan now that he's quit drinking).

Where will I be at age 70? Will I be living in Washington State as I have planned? Will I still be enjoying good health? I anticipate a lot happening this next decade, and am looking forward to it.

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