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You probably think that a man/woman is your only source of true happiness. But no, your wrong (Sadly). Happiness can't be found from only a person, it can be found from your favorite book, or maybe a song you just heard on the radio. That one that brings back so many good memories that it makes you cry. Or maybe that one that you have such a strong connection with, it makes you want to explode.

There are many ways to become happy, but in my opinion, the best source of happiness, is that one who needs you all the time. The one who counts on you no matter what you have put it through. The one that is there when everyone else fails to leave your side. In fewer words, the best source of happiness, is your dog.

Dogs give you happiness no matter where you are. A dog doesn't care what you have done, if its for the better or worse, they will always love you. I believe in the power of animals. They can get you through anything... I love my dog, Auggie <3

Sent 9 years to the future from September 23rd, 2011 to September 23rd, 2020

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