Time Travelled — 6 months

How has life changed?

Jan 08, 2008 Jul 21, 2008

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, Happy birthday its your 30th and I'm sure your life is completely different. I am writing this today and I'm a little over 2 months away from giving birth to a baby girl that you wanted to call Maya and your husband Emma. How did it go? Is the baby amazing or what? Was the birth painful? Did you have the natural birth you wanted? Are you breastfeeding as you intended? I hope you still are no matter how discouraging people may be. I hope you asked for help. Now about the baby.... what is she like?? who does she look like? eyes? cheeks? nose? is she healthy? i'm sure she is. is she stubborn? what is her personality like? How is hubby dealing with the whole thing? How's he coping, is he as amazing as you knew he would be or even better?? (if that's possible). How has your life changed? Are you as happy as you thought you would be? How difficult is parenting? You should be recording these things! I hope you are. And I hope you are not too tired. Enjoy and have a great time with your new daughter. Pastme.

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