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Dec 20, 2010 Dec 20, 2021

Dear Future Noah,

This is your dad speaking. I'm writing to you on December 20th, 2010. I'm having this email sent TEN YEARS from now, when you will be 13! I expect that by that point we will not communicate nearly as much as we do now, while you are 3. That's gonna suck.

At the ripe old age of 3, you're pretty awesome. I hope that by the time you turn 13, you haven't turned into every other teenager I see lately! Even if you do though, you will still be my "favourite little noah". You like that name now, probably not so much at 13! :)

Let's see now... currently you are highly addicted to video games, and although you are impressively good at them, it's not so good for your little brain's development, so Mom and I are trying to steer you away from them a bit. Since my job is making video games though, you are probably destined to be a gamer by the time you get this!

you're favourite saying is "PLEEEEASE daddy!? Pleasey Weasy who's got the ball, PLEEEEASE!" I dunno how you came up with the ball part, cause it doesn't make sense, but it makes me laugh every time! Usually when you're trying to get some candy! Last week we had a long discussion about how your bum works. Your bum hurts when you poop, and since your dad here has his own pooping issues, I know a fair bit about your pain! We had a couple long talks about eating less candy and cookies, more fruits and veggies, they are like medicine for your bum! We'll probably still be talking about that when you get this email!

It's almost Christmas time, and at this age, it's still a much bigger deal for the grownups than it is for you. you're pretty excited to get some new toys though. When you get this, you will probably be asking for the craziest shit in the world for xmas! Hopefully by then you have figured out that money doesn't come solely from piggy banks, and will understand if we don't buy you some $1000 toy for xmas! But maybe if you're really good! :P

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