Time Travelled — almost 11 years


Dear FutureMe,

For some reason, writing this letter to my future self seems to scare me a bit. When thinking of how life turns out decades from now; am I truely happier in life as statistics show? Or, am I the exception and not the rule? A couple of things I want you to look back at in case life has taken a toll on you and you have lost yourself.
The current date is November 23, 2010. You have just finished a half marathon in San Antonio with your brother, sister-n-law Jessica, Brenda, Carolyn, Roxanne, Jennie, and Mary. You look absolutely fabulous. Between being a fitness instructor you still manage to go to school and work weekends doing promotional modeling for the liquor industry. You are stressed as hell! The only thing that gets me through the hard times are knowing that they are supposed to be hard. You have a wonderful husband, Pete. I know you wouldn't forget the name, but who knows? He is a hard worker that despite your disagreements, he always and I mean always has your back. He is the most reliable man you have ever had. Still no kids; by choice that is. You have come to the understanding that not until you have graduated from college and or by the age of 30. Do you stick by this agreement? Do you even have any kids? How is the marriage?

At this moment, you feel you are working hard for a goal in life. You are in the midst of applying for nursing school. Your current GPA is a 3.8 and you are on the Dean's List. Do you make it? Do you still strive for the things you want without holding back. I wonder, are you still the life of the party? Do you turn out to be more like your mother or your father? Do you stay close to your brother?

Please I do ask, if you read back on this and you feel like you are not the person you wanted to become. Do something. I want you to continue to live by what I always tell others, "Keep doing what you're doing; and you'll keep getting what you're getting!" If you are unhappy about a situation, then you need to do something to change it, otherwise the result will always be the same. Same concept for the good outcomes in your life. If you have a good relationship with Pete, then obviously you are putting forth an effort. Keep being spontaneous. Do not become one of those bitter old hags you encounter at times. Live life and travel. Remember, to make the best out of a situation regardless of your environment; it is the love and people you choose to surround yourself with that make the difference.

Your Pastself

Nov 23rd, 2010 → Nov 23rd, 2021 • 470 words

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