Time Travelling — over 19 years


Sep 26, 2004 Jan 01, 2024

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, Women, well, they are... impossible, don't waste your time, dont marry them, dont spend money on them, just **** them, thats all it comes down too. If your still doing this in your 38 years of existance, well, to be frank, your the man... and if your doing this to more than five women a month, you wear the serious bling, and own your own plastic surgery clinic, and have the mintest milf receptionist, im goin 2 hav 2 say your the greatest man it the world... oh... and your going to be priminister too, if your not, i hope you are rootin at least 20 women a month... and show clinton how those interns are really done. Cheer bo H


5 months ago

Wow i have a feeling ur gonna cringe HARD lmao stay safe out there


5 months ago



5 months ago

he wrote this days before i was born, now I'm reading this lol


5 months ago

mdss, eu nem tinha nascido nessa data


5 months ago



5 months ago



5 months ago

Bro, who hurt you 19 years ago😭


5 months ago

Who hurt dis maan


5 months ago

Damn this is even before i was born


5 months ago

Woman need respect they gave birth to boys and girls

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