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That time of year

Dear FutureMe,

You are coming up once again on "that time of year", you only want to send you thoughts and prayers and angels and strength to get through it. Be easy on yourself, its ok to be enjoying life even though you are missing everyone. They would all want you to be happy. You can miss them but you can enjoy life as well. You don't have to sacrifice happiness because they aren't here. This is your time to live, there is no guilt about it. No reason to be guilty. Its OK to be happy. You now give yourself permission to be happy. The tears are done now, let them cleanse you and allow you to be free. Mom and Dad and Sumner would want you to be happy. They are still with you in spirit enjoying every happy moment. You are not alone.


Sent 1 year to the future, from May 2nd, 2007 to almost 11 years ago

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