Time Travelled — 15 days

A letter from May 22, 2023

May 22, 2023 Jun 07, 2023


Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe,
Well… I have a problem… I still Like Landon.

But I also really like Christian.
But i’ve AlWaYs liked Landon….
Idk what to do.

I want to try and work things out with Landon and maybe try it for real this time, but I also don’t want to waste my time or chance with Christian on something that won’t work out..

We’ll see how it goes.
Peace out For now!


about 12 hours later


Wow…. Landon is chill, but man...

Hsit hoe is a eayr. 😂 at to’dn i him all keil.
E’hrest nshic…ita…r ehnt. .
I meyab can’t hmi, i d’not ilek. . Mih loev lilleytra tub i. Bsyo elvo 😭 iekl lla eht bhoresrt i.
Hist out ritfs you arey for ity…dabrh the lsao… o…hwo edysetayr ’ist oyu icerd na item oruy at de uoy aevh nufdo nad.
Hagti. 🏻✌.

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