Time Travelled — 8 months

A letter from Oct 23, 2022

Oct 23, 2022 Jun 19, 2023


Peaceful right?

Dear Future AL, Hey it's been a while =), I know you've been through alot and i hope my Futureme/future AL is doing good right now/future, And btw how's trixia? do you still have communication with her? Or nah... Well If it is a No it's all right, things really happen, i know you still play some online games so how is it?Did it reached to max bounty?well.. Still watching one piece??lol, ik you haven't finished yet Well I don't know when will school ends so I won't be setting the exact date but hope you did a good grades and didn't failed. Well goodluck futureme, Happy birthday!! 🎂🎉 You're finally 18 now😱 be a good man! And i hope I get that amd ryzen processor so i can finally make a content, inshallah(if God wills it).


10 months later


Hiyevtreng gtaer iongd is.

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