Time Travelled — almost 2 years

A letter from May 11th, 2022

May 11, 2022 Apr 17, 2024


Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, Is life still hard? Do you still overthink over everything and anything? Are you still friends with the people you talk to daily?? I hope so! Its been 2 months for the gc huh? Erm.. I hope you still have good grades by then! You are now graduating don't you know? Well ofc, you're from the future, technically. Theres alot of things I want to say but can't put onto words, the questions will end here though. Take care of yourself, your insecurities and worries, I hope you can learn to leave them behind. Dear future me, I hope you're happy. Happy birthday. Signing off. -N


about 12 hours later

Let's put this into plot points.

1. Is life still hard?
- It gets hard-ER, everyday it feels like a sin to...

Pu wake. Veha worep igpntpri yruo by uyor peke teef hnitigkn cakl slyoruef wno to uyo of kcba but teg ouy tried to eyghrinetv your ni. A iwht ads rvesnhtgy'ei kcba wno eegthort irgnate sddrseiets nirevyeght eltlti nad llarye, akbc wse 'sit ghuhtto tneh efsle i to i'm trapa ryan eesssramts ti tiyrgn evah like htaw ti i flet ,urht. Tniyigefrr 'tsi. .
2. Uoy od tilsl e?ovhtkirn.
Uoy hd,icl ton'd - uyo tswee wkno wsath' nigmoc oh rfo. .
3. Ouy era uoy ot litls ayldi? iwht teh lpp sfrdnie takl.
Tlgknia ntiop o'eyur rhe siht thne btuoa - ,on ta 'tsi fi gunblelaeaasv. To wno no dnee kloo bcka ehesrt'. .
Tlisl shiw i ritew my erettl sefl wshi to t,ime i a rtnu i stap cudlo i ulocd back. And oalriec ot yuor eat srtat flee oyu and hrsto nad tion irneissticeu head as ort nad liwl wef bumners a in ivtrgnhyee o'ntd htye eta uoy ilek serroiw ra,ttme hnccru eayrs uryo llwi. Yevre yuo aer ohw enver nolebauevl cna yuo day nad owh stju eratep you leov. .
Urtly, ti si ilfnuap dan. .
Ni re,etlt xnte yuhlfopel my ni tberte i lpcae ilwl be a. .
N -. .

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