Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from Apr 27th, 2022

Apr 27, 2022 Apr 27, 2023


Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, Life is a weird thing. I just received the letter from the old future me you've sent to me two years ago and I realize nothing has really change. I don't know if I should be sad or juste accept how things are. I'm lying when I say nothing has change, for sure I have grew up, learn new things, but concretely, I feel like I walk like an ant and it annoys me. I work hard on my personal project and still wait to get benefit from it... please telle me now you are doing ok. Tell me now that you are recognize for what you do, tell me you can live from your ideas. Are you stil with that guy you met few weeks ago - that guy with fake hair / or maybe are you back with your ex or just free like a bird ? haha Anyway, I hope you are rich and famous but above all you are healthy <3 Life is weird thing. To read the last letter makes me a bit melancholia. I hope is not too ****** in the country this year cause the new president we got this week won't make things easy. Be strong


1 day later

Dear Old Me,

I did not expect this letter of you today. It make me smile because, you said it right : you president did shitty things in your country...

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about 1 year ago



about 1 year ago

Keep trying ❤️


about 1 year ago

I keep failing. Why's life like this


about 1 year ago

It feels like I am the one who wrote this, up until I realized about the fake hair. Same pain different place. Hope you’re ok and things are moving good on your side 🫶❤️


11 months ago

Life’s hard… you you are more powerful 🪷


7 months ago

I've never felt so relatable to a letter like this one


about 2 months ago

This is very sweet and very sad.

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