Time Travelled — 9 months

A letter from Mar 4th, 2022

Mar 04, 2022 Nov 18, 2022

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe,

Firstly, I am so proud of you- for the steps you are taking and the moves you are making. It seems like a slow process sometimes, but it's your process, and wherever it is you'll get there. Don't be discouraged, working and learning has always been challenging, and now more than ever you've got a lot on your shoulders. However, push and it will be worth it.

I must say I've been struggling to process why things have been as hard as they have. Why sometimes the darkness seems engulfing. I see glimpses of the light and I try to hold on to those moments for dear life. I hope when you read this that you are in a better space, that things are finally looking up and going in your favor.

I hope you learn a lot this year and that you grow in all the ways that you are expecting to. Remember we wanted our PhD before we turn 29? lol. Don't let that dream go. Remember to eat 3meals a day and drink plenty water. Oh and I love you, incase noone has told you lately.

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