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Wot a time we had

Dear FutureMe,
I errr.... You errr... we have just split up from our wifey, started the new year with imminent bankruptcy, Aunt Mary passed away on the 2nd and our Mum in hospital with a stroke. She's doing well and she phoned us this morning but we missed the call but we cried all through the message and are hoping she'll phone us back soon.
Wifey has been taking money from the joint bank account and putting it in her secret account so she could pay her secret mortgage. The dogs and us are starving, We are not eating atall so that our three dogs can eat. Today they ate long grained rice, bread, spicey cheese strings and bachelors cuppa soup. They all seemed happy enough when they came to say thank you after their meal. Sully dog is now 12 and I daren't miss his meals, Simba is 10 and Stoney is 6 and after all that they have been through, they are still as loving as ever.
We can't even get enough money together to put some fuel in the car and go pick up our son for the weekend. Probably for the best as we can't feed him. We miss him and can't wait for the time we can afford to fetch him, feed him and spoil him. We hope you are well and we have finally got a new knee. We really need one right now, 16 years is a long time to be disabled and it's not doing our head too many favours.
Anyways, we must have had some good luck by now, so We'll tell us about it when we realise we're not schitzophrenic.
Cheers me... you ;o)
P.S. Happy birthday, hope it's a good one!

Sent 14 years to the future, from January 12th, 2006 to 2 months ago

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