Time Travelled — 3 months

A letter from the past

Jan 12, 2022 Apr 22, 2022

Dear FutureMe,
Since I was a kid, my family has instilled a deep love of Disney in me. I will never forget my first interaction with a CP participant: I was here celebrating my high school graduation and ended up striking up a conversation with a CP working in Magic Kingdom near the carousel. We had just gotten done with a tour and I think he must have overheard me trying to figure out which horse was Cinderella’s on the carousel because he came up to my family and asked simply: “wanna ride it?”. I of course said yes and he escorted us to the front of the line and pointed out the horse! It was a truly magical memory.

I’ve already started creating a bucket list of cast-member things I’d like to do while here. Here’s just a few:
1: Experience Space Mountain with the lights on
2: Attend a behind the scenes/after-hours cast member-only party
3: Resort hop to all of the resorts and try something at each one!

I have been assigned to work in recreation at the Contemporary Marina and I am super excited to see the fireworks from work when I’m working nights! At work, I hope to achieve experiences where I know I helped make a guest’s experience magical- because when they’re happy, I’m over the moon!

In the future, if I have a chance to extend- more than anything, I’d like to become a Jungle Cruise Skipper! I’ve always admired the skippers and dreamed of becoming one because they never cease to make magic for guests and that in and of itself, is truly magical. Otherwise, if an opportunity to join the cast as a full time employee arises, I dream of becoming an in-park guest relations agent and then an in-park tour guide! All in good time, fingers crossed!

Can’t wait to see how DCP ends up shaping my future!

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