Time Travelled — about 1 year

A letter from the past

Jan 05, 2022 Jan 19, 2023

Peaceful right?

Dear Future Me,
Happy Birthday!
Today is your 18th birthday. You’re an adult now. But I guess you don’t feel like one and that’s fine don’t worry to much about it. Enjoy your life while you still have to go to school and don’t work yet. I hope you’re happy and celebrate your birthday with your fav people. I hope Corona is over and everything is back to normal again. I hope by the time you read this: You have your driver’s license. I hope the boy you like, likes you back. And i hope you moved on.
I hope your still in contact and good with your friends. I hope your family is healthy and happy.

I wish you could tell me: How you fell at the moment and how your life is rn. I can’t even imagine how you doing rn.

Writing this letter makes me really wonder if you reached your goals.

I Love You. You’re 16 year old self two weeks before your 17th birthday <3

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