Time Travelled — 5 months

A letter from Jan 4th, 2022

Jan 05, 2022 May 23, 2022

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe,

First, I want to say Happy Freakin’ Birthday Beautiful and I know that this day doesn’t come without great reflection. Look at how far we’ve come babe, all the time, moments, and lessons that make up this Woman you’ve become. I want you to think about the good, the bad, the love, and the hate (well not hate we’re growing from this mindset I’d say discomforts or dislikes). Think of those we’ve lost through this journey filling your heart with sorrow and those who you’ve been able to bring with you through this journey filling your heart with light. Is there anything else that’s heavy on your heart?

Congratulations on making another year around the sun! Wear it as a badge of honor. We know better than anybody else that this has been a tough-ass journey mama. This life has not been easy. I know that you have so many wants and desires that can often seem impossible and unattainable. I know at this point as I write this you’ve created a life where you’ve let fear guide you. You’ve let fear tell you what you’re capable of, what you’re not capable of, where you stand, and often how you feel about yourself in this world and I want YOU to know that regardless of anything else that I love you so much. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Your heart has the greatest of intention, but as you read this I hope that we’ve been kinder to this heart and body.

Who are we at this very moment? Are you in love? What have you accomplished? Do you still feel the fire burning on the inside, the flame of great change? Use your senses love. What does today smell like? How does it taste like? How does it sound look? Most important what does it feel like? This is intentional you asked the universe for this exact moment whether you know it or not. Be present in the NOW! Today we have traveled around the sun 27 times. Not everyone gets this moment you do. Feel gratitude for the breath in your lungs. We weren’t always sure we’d make it here. You’ve been on this planet living and learning and making mistakes and being beautiful and feeling ugly and down and being human; I want to let you know that that’s OK. Even if you sit today reading this and you’re not where you want to be that’s OK. We know you’re often your worst enemy and don’t give yourself the flowers that you deserve. Today I want you to celebrate YOU! You deserve it and everything that your heart desires, but not without work and belief in yourself honey. I want you to take this day or whatever day you choose to celebrate your birthday to love yourself. I want you to love those who are deserving of this journey with you. I mean that with all seriousness. Protect your space, set boundaries, and remain in tune with your inner being. Please please be kind to US. Be kind to others it doesn’t pay to vibrate ugliness to an already ugly world. Smell the flowers, kiss your babies, and adjust your crown. This moment is perfect, exactly how it’s supposed to be. How do I know? Duh, we’ve already put it into the universe.

Happy Birthday Dari!

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