Time Travelled — almost 15 years


Jan 2nd, 2006 Nov 2nd, 2020

Dear FutureMe,

Hey Self. It's myself. This is kind of goofy isn't it? Anyway. Right now you are 19 years old. Writing this email to yourself. Don't you have anything better to do? Not really.


You're in love. His name is Travis. You've always wanted your last name to be Jordan. Good news! His name is Travis Jordan. You are pretty sure you'll marry him someday. You'll have beautiful children. He'll still take your breath away when you're 50.

You will receive this email on your birthday, 2020. I don't know how old you'll be. I don't feel like doing any math right now. I never feel like doing math.

You're starting college this month. Joy. When you receive this email.. you'll know if college was a smart move or not. Of course it always seems like a smart next step. But do you really need it? I'm sure you're either living your dreams or you've created new ones. You have many dreams. Or at least you did when you were 19. You want to be a star. You want to sing. You can sing your little heart out. Actually, you're heart is huge. You love everyone and actually believe you have the power to help anyone if they give you a chance.

If you have any children, they probably have really cool names. Right now, at 19, you have names picked out. For a girl, you like Joss (after one of your favorite singers), Jove (after another of your favorite singers), Mila (a combination of Tyla, your mothers name, and Milo, your great grandfathers name). For boys you like Romeo (although you probably wont name your child that in fear that it could get old fast), Jackson (you probably wont name your child this either because if you marry Travis..Jackson Jordan sounds ridiculous). You like the name Carter and will probably stick with that. Although you don't plan on having children for some time and are aware that your mind changes easily.

At 19, you were beautiful. You had already had plastic surgery that you realize you could have gone without and saved your mom 8 grand. But what's done is done. You live, you learn.

You will probably get bored and send the future you many more emails. Your email is still slim_waldorf and probably wont be by the time this email is sent. But who knows...you've had the same email since you were 13.. might as well keep it forever.

Much like you've had the "little stinker" voicemail for 3 years. You may never grow up.

Welp, see you later! ( a saying you and your best friend Leo say very often. Leo is gay. You love him. )


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