Time Travelled — about 1 year

A letter from Sep 9th, 2021

Sep 09, 2021 Nov 11, 2022

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, You did it brother, you got the job. Financial freedom and career security is right around the corner, all you gotta do is capitalize on this opportunity. You chose this company because of their stature in the tech industry as well as your experience with the platform. It started with how strong it'll look on your resume but after 3 days I can tell this is going to have so much more value than that. The skills you'll be able to master and the information on different industries you'll gather is limitless, both of which will lead towards a very lucrative and successful career. In 60 days when you open this you better have a few closes under your belt... we want SHMONEY my guy. Get the W's and get the checks. Have fun at Days n Vegas bro, but when you get back, it's grind time.

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