Time Travelled — over 1 year

Questions from Aug 19th, 2021

Aug 19, 2021 Mar 28, 2023


Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe,

You'll be 26 so here are a few questions:
Did you eventually break up with EB?
Are you happy?
You still in contact with GM?
You still livin' with your parents?
How are your sisters? One of 'em married?

Love you, take care.


2 months later

Hey past me,

I'm 26!
Yup, we...

Adhr ,up karbe did wsa it.
'im dna m'i omsemiste tsismeeom pyhp,a ont. ,us ath'ts guess i.
Rtcnrlyue latlycua, iwht ripoestianlh gm we in a are.
Cimeapnd is fo vore, yse ndki. Athkn ogd.
Veli ocytlstnan hmet thiw btu up,y gm we tlisl ngnhkiti erw'e whti tbaou nmiovg.
Aurdgad!et we.
O,n yetr'he not rdreiam dna are rtsisse ifen.
Uoy, ovel !raec teak.

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