Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from February 3rd, 2021

Feb 04, 2021 Feb 03, 2022

Dear FutureMe,

I know that things have been kinda rocky, but I hope you're doing better. how is covid? how is everything going with getting vaccines and what not? oh how did vaccinations work? did you get to volunteer? are you volunteering with the lgbt center? ok enough of questions.

i hope you're not still single. goodness. if you are just go have a hookup please i'm begging you. unless you've been in a relationship in the last 6 months and you're single but not a virgin still. i hope you're still doing well academically. you're in college and planning to go to med school so it's super important. is living with cam everything you wanted it to be? i know he's great and i don't know what i'd do without him but i hope living with him has lived up to the expectations you set. esp since you've basically committed to living with him until you graduate. i know that the lease is kind of up in the air currently but uhh i hope you worked that out too. also hope molly is doing well. i know i love her just as much but i don't know if things have held up. i hope so but i am not a fortune teller. i love my friends so much. i know i asked this in a previous letter, but how are things with sydney? are you just friends? are you more than friends? are you even talking to each other anymore? does she like you? ok enough questions. hope your day is going well!

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