Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from January 23rd, 2021

Jan 23, 2021 Jan 23, 2022

Dear Eric,

I hope you’re doing well, I hope you’re still around and still strong as ever whenever you get this. It’s me, well....you. Times are tough right now, everything just seems to be falling down around me, crumbling and just like there’s not much hope left. I hope by the time this message reaches you, things are going much better for you, I hope things are easier and going a lot smoother than I’m or we’re experiencing. I hope you’ve found that peace you’ve been searching for, the rest, calmness and bliss. I hope by this time you’ve learned to come to terms with the person that you are, found the person that you need to be, not just to keep certain and special people in your life, but to also be beneficial to yourself. We’ve come a long way from where we once were, out of the dirt and mud and slowly starting to prosper and find our meaning in this life. Learn to love yourself, sometimes you need to put yourself first to really achieve the happiness, learn to depend on yourself to make you happy. Learn to accept things, rather they’re what you want or what you don’t want.

Continue being the strong guy everyone makes you out to be. Continue pushing forward through life and conquer all of those goals that you set for yourself. Never lose your faith, “faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains”. Never forget it. Chin up brother. Keep moving. And as always, “stay frosty”

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