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A letter from January 22nd, 2021

Jan 22, 2021 Jan 22, 2022

Dear FutureMe,

I hope you're happy. I hope you appreciate life, your family, your friends, your girlfriend, yourself as much as you should. You're unhappy most of the time because you don't know how happy you really are.

I hope you have a clear path in front of yourself, that you're no longer in a chaos that your life used to be. I hope you took some important decisions and that you've found yourself.

I want to tell you that I love you, you're an amazing being. You're so capable of bringing the change on this planet, as small and as insignificant as it might be, but still a change to better. Remember how powerfully you radiate the positivity around you. Keep doing it. You've made existence a grain easier to a lot of people, and keep doing it.

Never forget those that have helped you so far. You're here and you're this because of your father and mother, because of your grandma and grandpa, because of others that sent you love unconditionally.

I'm sure you're better than I am right now, writing this. I'm sure you're more mature, stronger, with a clearer sight, less egoistic, more concentrated, generally more powerful, more grateful and more generous to the amazing thing that is happening to you which is life.

I see you making money in the area you love. You're calm, collected, content. Maybe you're raising some kids now, maybe you're married. If it is so, I congratulate you. I'm proud of you.

Continue to shine and to spread the light,
sincerely yours,

Mladen from the past

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