Time Travelled — over 19 years


Sep 12, 2003 Mar 21, 2023

Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe, maybe you have put off this mail, or maybe not. You can believe it or not, but this mail has been written 20 years ago, yeah in 2003, this year USA attaks Irak, under the Goverment of Bush Junior. I would wana know how is everything here...what about weather change, fusion energy, mother cell's investigation or genetyc ingenery...or about Palestine, Chiapas, Africa... But, really I'm interesting in other things...like, Have I finished my studys? Have I a job? anda a girlfrined or something? puf....what has happened with my old frineds??(Nacho, Jesus, Jorge, Blas, Dani, Manu, Rob, Hecor, Chepis, Edu, Sus, Syl, Nuri, Sebis, Esme, Ruka...oh! and Arcilla anda Esther (from cantabria) More things..Have I get to see Florence...or Cataluña.or USA??? AH, excuse my english, I'm spanish and...I can't do it better, good luck in the future!! Bye, hg


about 1 year ago

I literally felt every single word! Please update where are your friends 😭🫶🏻


about 1 year ago

Wow, 20 years ago. That’s so cool. Would love to be updated if you’ve seen this! :)


about 1 year ago

Amazing that this website has managed to hold onto this letter for 20 years! 😲 It was written closer to the Web's birth date than to today! 🤯


about 1 year ago

You might have kids already....and they will read this letter you wrote 20 years ago.


about 1 year ago

HOLY SHIT THIS IS FROM 2003??!!! I WASNT EVEN BORN YET. But oh god I really want to read the update if you have seen this too


about 1 year ago

WE NEEED AN UPDATEEE! How are you and your friends?! I was 4 yrs old that time and I'm 24 now. This is awesome!


about 1 year ago

Wow. This encouraged me to do a letter that far into the future. Hope you see this and tell us how are you and your friends? You still friends or life happened?


about 1 year ago

Hey, how’re you doing ? Do you have everything you wrote in this letter ?


about 1 year ago

What happened for your life in this day !
I was 0 years old that time and I'm 19 now , this is amazing 🥲😍


about 1 year ago

eu tinha apenas 1 ano de vida!!!! :O

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