Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from January 1st, 2021

Dear FutureMe,

To Be Read: December 20th, 2021

Greetings from January- and a slightly younger, but hopefully more tired and more bitter version of you. What I mean by this, is that today I am tired and bitter, but a year from now- I hope to be pleasantly surprised by how life has unfolded over the last 11 months.

I am writing this intention and manifestation-filled letter to put my hopes and dreams out to the universe. But I also want to let you know that I’m proud of you and how far you’ve come over the last few months. You’re constantly evolving and growing, and that’s a beautiful thing.

I am so happy that you’re lighter and happier now. Carrying all that bitterness was an unnecessary weight for you, and I can see how radiant you are now. You are so free, and so happy. You are open to the universe, and the universe rewards you back regularly. You say yes to things that excite you, and you’re open to whatever opportunity comes your way. This is such a beautiful energy, and you are rewarded with a beautiful life as a result.

You have a very beautiful life, and I hope you continue to never take it for granted.

You finally owned up to your own power and potential this year, and “leveled up”. I am so proud that you were able to combine your passions and interests, and finally live a life where you are fully and actively engaged. Today (January 1st, 2020), someone mentioned how surprised they are that you haven’t yet been able to marry your passions into something tangible and commercial. As I write this, you’re stuck in a dead-endish job, and this year you’re going to climb out of it. It may have been a bit worrying at first, but you did it. You also invested more in yourself, and your hobbies, and your tiny little side hustle is growing strong.

We’ve been searching for the illusive “why” for a few years now. You’ve come close sometimes. You’ve gotten some “why’s” that didn’t really stick over time. You always ended up in the exact place that you needed to be. I am proud that you took more time this year to discover this, and to properly brainstorm it out. You did a lot of work, to find your meaning and place in the world this year. It might not be 100%, or forever, but you put in the time.

I know it wasn’t fun, but you did a great job at climbing out of debt this year. You have been very regular at paying off your bills, and not using your credit card. You have been more mindful and intentional about your expenditures, and are becoming more financially responsible. It’s not sexy. It is what it is.

I know that we’ve struggled with love the last few years (or maybe forever). I am proud that you took a few leaps this year. You are saying yes to things more often, and you are meeting more people. You took Sandeep’s recommendation seriously, and you are reveling in the joy of everything around you. You felt the anger and bitterness fade away, by virtue of you dedicating yourself to the pursuit of joy. You’ve re-learned how to have fun, and you’re no longer scared of letting yourself go. You spent so much of 2020 punishing yourself in anguish, refusing to let yourself have fun in case you stopped missing him. Miss him, but live your life beautifully. You have attracted so much more joy, by living your life so joyfully, and I am grateful that Sandeep opened this up for you.

In 2020, we did an amazing job at doing what we wanted to do. We made art. We wrote. We swam. We did everything with such a big fuck yes energy, and that’s the kind of energy I hope you maintain in 2021. Not just that, I hope you one-up 2020 you, and really go hard on doing everything you want to do. Say yes to things, but say yes to you. Say yes to everything that tickles your curiosity. Listen to your interests. I am so proud that you did that in 2020, and can’t wait to see what you did this year.

You are- also- maybe dating? You need to remember that you are a wonderful person, and any man is lucky to be in your presence. You give a lot, and I hope you sit, and let yourself receive from time to time. Keep not settling. But, keep an open mind, and open heart, and be very willing to say yes to whatever or whoever comes into your path.

If you’re lucky, you will meet someone who excites you this year. Someone whose enthusiasm for life and sense of adventure will rival your own, and who’s version of fun is your version of fun. Better yet, they will make themselves available to you, and you will never have to doubt their intentions. They will understand you, and your reluctance to take things too fast, too far, and will cater to your slow cooking methodology. You won’t have to prove anything to anyone, you can just be you.

I learned so much in 2020 about taking better care of myself. I exercised more than I ever have before, and I loved it. I hydrated. And I ate better-ish. I hope you kick my 2020 ass, and sustainably exercised. I hope you continue to move, and expand your practices.

2021 has changed you in so many ways and you have learned a lot:

You are more intentional about your life. Specifically, you are more intentional about how you receive content and how much of it you consume. You are more intentional about communication, and take more time to have quality connections over the superficiality. You are more intentional about how you manage your time, and where you invest your energy. On a daily basis, this means you are intentional about the time you put into work, exercise, socialization etc. You account for your time very intentionally. You are also more intentional (and intuitive) with your exercise and eating, and I’m glad you learned to manage that better than 2020.

You are so much better at regulating your emotions, with fluctuations from the highs and lows being so much easier.

You take the time to do what you need. Especially rest, and your recharge time.
You have learned to manage your FOMO. You no longer feel the need to do everything and be everywhere, and no longer get emotionally distraught thinking about the places you aren’t in.

You have learned (or re-learned) to let your hair down again, and you feel safe enough to let go. You have learned to trust again, after having your trust betrayed for so long. And in that trust, you’ve found safety and security again.
You’ve re-learned that real connection comes from trust, and have found new vessels of connection.

I’m proud of you, and how far you’ve grown and evolved.

Happy Holidays!

- Me

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