Time Travelled — 12 months

A letter from November 11th, 2020

For some backstory, this is a letter that I wrote to myself three months in advance of the end of a Charity Aid Expedition I participated in 2019 in Nepal.

Whilst it focused directly on me and the journey I hoped to take in that time, concerning my own demons and personal growth, I hope it gives any budding adventurers the courage to take that leap into the wider world we are fearful to explore and to set them them with at least a few inspiring words to unpack along the way!

"So, you think you're an adventurer...

Whilst I know that you think that you are an entirely different person now to how you were 3 months ago, you have always had the heart and soul you carry and cherish with you now.

Through thick and thin, you've always tried to be yourself and this has taken you further than you could imagine, so far in fact that you've made it to the base of the Himalayas. The young man that turned up here when you wrote this, lovingly adored and cherished by all your family and close friends, got here because he cared for those who, even though they might not appear to he struggling, may always need that little boost which you so often needed. It is this consideration and compassion for others and the firm belief that acting for those whom you may not know is the kind of life we have both always wanted.

You will have met many eclectic and varied peoples in your time in Nepal (your former self can attest to that fact having already been here for four days!) and some may not have been your cup of tea, but cherish these memories and the lessons they have taught you for the rest of your life. They can only help to guide you in your amazing adventure that is this life and I know you will draw the courage, determination and conviction to live as best a life a can be done with these cherished threads of wisdom.


You have claimed victories from certain defeats, you have played with giants and you have scaled literal mountains. You are stronger than you could have possibly conceived and will fight tooth and nail for all that is bright and noble in your life. Never let anyone diminish you for what you are because you are fucking star-dust my friend!

So get out there! Don't let this melancholic, pretentious former self get in your way and take all that you have come to learn and discover to make this world a safer, brighter place for all those that you have come to admire and treasure. Go and be the young man you have worked tirelessly to be and make the difference you never dreamed you could.

Alright, I'll cut this short, I may or may not be tearing up on my end but I can't wait to see who reads this and I am so proud of you!

Don't forget to write back sometime too...

Yours, now and forever,

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