Time Travelled — almost 16 years

Happy Birthday from your past

Dear FutureMe,
Hello there. If you made it, you're 65 today. Happy birthday. Sitting here at age 49 I can't help but wonder...As you decend into the twilight of your life, did you do all the things you wanted? Have you made peace with your adveraries? Are you taking care of your health?

Mariah, Ethan, Adalynn, Gavin, & Gage... These young adults you see before you today are the babies of your yesterday. Teach them to remember where they came from. If you do that, all the gran'ma's and popoes of the past will live into the future.

Well, I have to go now. I just wanted to say happy birthday to you and let you know I'll see you soon.

your past self.

Dec 20th, 2005 → Oct 5th, 2021 • 124 words

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