Time Travelled — 12 months Epilogue

A letter from July 16th, 2020

Dear FutureMe,

Have you made any online friends yet? How about your art? Have you continue to look back and see how far we've gone? You better still view most things in the arts as a novice, they're are still many things we have yet to know and learn. It may not be easy, but sure hell we can do the imposible.

Everything will take time to bring things to place. We may not have fame to our game, but what's important is that we are doing something we love with passion.

Maybe that's what makes us odd. Passion for something; it makes one seem alive.

Maybe that's why we're still alive...no matter what.

Jul 16th, 2020 → Jul 16th, 2021 • 114 words

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Hey 15 year old me...
I made a lot of online friends. Discord was the biggest change I ever got and I've made strangers my friends. I'm pretty sure mommy will not like the sound of that, but does it matter? There will come a time wherein I have to socialize with strangers that may be older than me.

Our art is improving and ever-changing. I don't think I can be fully satisfied with one thing, but maybe over time, I can redraw old pieces and make them better.
And to be honest, I don't care about being famous in our arts. I am content with what we have.

Though our brother is got more annoying to deal with as of present. I hate it whenever he tries to tell me things so I can grow my account. Annoying little &*(&*(@!#$ doesn't know that I am satisfied.

"Everything will take time to bring things to place"
Sounds easier said than done. but I wish you would remind me again that I am doing something out of love and passion.

"Passion for something; it makes one seem alive"
I think it sounds like something I can put to my channel.

But for the reason why we are still alive, still living... That as a reason is not the true answer.
I think the answer to why we are still alive, still living, is the want to be ourselves. Nothing to hold us back from doing things with love and passion.

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