A letter from June 26th, 2020

hi future me,
i wrote a letter to futureer you a few months ago but i wanted a shorter term one to get, when you read this itll be the 1/1/21 thats crazy. right now its 26/6/20. 2020 holy shit. what a year. just to recap you, january was ww3 threat, austrailia fires and floods, then there was the coronavirus outbreak in china, and in february we werent really bothered over here, until march, schools got shut down, everything on lockdown. i didnt know that march 20th was gonna be the last time i saw my friends for months and months. then in may there were killer hornets in america and in june george floyd, an unarmed black man, was killed by a white officer. the hashtag black lives matter was trending and riots and protests started all over america and in the uk and anonymous (a group of hackers, feared by the governments of us and uk) came out of the dark exposing donald trump and the royal family for many things. gen z just find it funny though lol. we dont fear anything apart from people our age. did we make change? was this more than just a hashtag? i marched in stamford. i hope the world changed for the better. its about time. other than the world being a complete shithole this year ive been doing the best mentally i have been doing for a long time. ive had a few anxiety attacks but ive never felt so happy. and im falling for emily. did that work out? or did i like someone else shortly after? also, future me, immi and ned broke up. i just found out he might be dating someone else. someone called lucy??? from pboro. so fucked up. immis gonna be broken in two. what happened future me? is she okay now? or maybe they got back together? anyways. im very happy, im excited for the rest of my life, i have so many plans. how are you future me? remember not to waste your time. you only have so many moments, make them so good that in your 8 minutes before you die youre happy, youve achieved all you want to. and you smile and move onto the next life because every moment youve had has taught you something or helped you become who you are. youll read this in 6 months from now. i hope none of those moments have been wasted. i hope youre happy with who you are. i hope youve accepted yourself and you love yourself. we deserve it future me. thank you for reading, ill see you on the other side.
- past you

Sent 6 months to the future from June 26th, 2020 to January 1st, 2021