Time Travelled — about 2 years

A letter from June 25th, 2020

Jun 25, 2020 Aug 05, 2022

Dear FutureMe,

Happy birthday! I am 29 years old u...I hope being 31 makes things alot clearer than now. I hope u are feeling better ...making decisions that u won't regret like I am feeling now .
I hope u are exactly where u want right now and I don't mean that in career road only .
I hope u are happy, truly happy with your choices and not trying to please everyone around u. Remember when we were 18, and we thought we would get married by 29? I guess that kind of hope kinda drain me last year by holding on people I shouldn't.
I hope u have let go of the people and feelings u should let go of.
So I don't hope u would need smeone to complete u. I know 31 year old me would feel complete no matter what. I hope u stop thinking of the little angel, I am still healing from it time to time.. I hope u are spending ur day with mum and dad and bro. Pls hug them for me and tell them thank u for being the biggest supporter for us.stay strong girl! And enjoy being 31. I love u and if I can have a chance to write back to my 28 year old self, I would tell her thank u too for not giving up and not bring us to dark places always .we were in such dark thoughts. I'm doing better now ...much better than last year. I hope u won't forget that feeling so u don't take people or life for granted and when u ask people how are u , promise urself u would listen with an open ear. Cz we have been there..
If u are married or with a kid now, u will be a good mum..we always want to be a mum..we weren't just ready for the little angel last year, it is not our fault. But I know u will love the little candy with all ur heart and soul.
are u also happy with the man who u now call husband?. If u are not a mum or not married it is still ok... U always just know how to turn things good.
I love u and thank u cz u always make me look forward to tomorrow.
29 years old me

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