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A letter from June 7th, 2020

Dear future me,
I'm so freaking PROUD... It's been a hard year. You've studied a lot i know... Just in case of getting bad grades.. Remember that you attended lessons your friends skipped. Remember how many nights you cried yourself to sleep. Remember these days in which u studied for 6-9hrs. That's just torture ik... You did your best.
Don't forget about what u want tho. Well i hope it's still the same thing. Please shadi.. For our life's sake.. Get it together and just tell they you're done and you wanna study abroad. Isn't that what you truly want..?
I've done my job... Now its your turn.
Also pls don't forget to take a long ass break bc you really deserve it.. And don't forget to practice. 🎻
M. A. F. G. A. D. C. A. W. T. W. S.

Sent 1 month to the future, from June 7th, 2020 to 15 days ago

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