Time Travelled — almost 2 years

A letter from June 4th, 2020

Jun 05, 2020 May 22, 2022


Peaceful right?

Dear FutureMe,
You graduated high school today. I am so proud of us, of you, for making it this far. I have so many questions! Are you going to college, what are you majoring in, where are you going, did you ever make mom and dad proud, what about fees, did you get scholarships? But most importantly, are you happy? I really hope you're happy. Everything is so much right now. I feel invisible to my friends and family. Did you make new friends? It's like I'm suffocating in my friend group right now, I hope you made up with Tanya. I'm sorry for my mistakes, I wish you could give me advice right now because it seems impossible to keep going. But I'm doing it, for you, for us. Did the Bs even matter? Was it worth it? Do you even have friends with the fucking parents you have? Like do they ever ease up on us? It's so hard right now. But I wanna focus on the good, Lilo is now fully grown! How is she, I hope she finally stopped biting and learned how to go on a walk. No matter what's going on I'm so proud of you. It doesn't matter if mom and dad never say it because I am so proud. Also low-key random but did we go see BTS ever? Sorry, I'm ranting, I can't talk to anyone else, I feel guilty for weighing them down and bothering them lol. So did you fall in love? First kiss? First date? It's ok if you haven't I understand completely. Don't worry Vasudha you're gonna do big things.

Live a great life and live a happy life,

Love 16-year-old you


1 day later

WE GRADUATED!!! I am going to college, UGA bound and I'm majoring in biology and sociology! Mom and dad are still just mom and dad but I'm proud of me. I have amazing friends that I hope I can keep around for a lifetime. It gets better, we kept going and it got better. Lilo is such a beautiful and patient girl I love her with the entirety of my soul. BTS might be going on a world tour soon so I am working on it but in the mean time we went to so many concerts almost one per month!!! Love and kisses still have not taken place yet so sorry to disappoint and we never really made up with Tanya, just came to terms with everything that happened.
I love you loads and will continue loving you.
Hold on, you are going to be just fine.

Love 18-year-old you

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