Time Travelled — about 1 year

A letter from May 11th, 2020

Dear FutureMe,
Happy 4th of July! I know you're probably not too thrilled about celebrating the holiday but I just wanted to get a check point on where you are in life. Here is how things are going now.

1. COVID-19 is still around and it's getting worse here.
2. You lost your grandad a month ago on the 13th to COVID-19 and it still makes you sad. Not just because he's you're grandad but because your grandma doesn't have a husband and your dad doesn't have a dad. You hurt for them.
3. You finished your first year in college! Your spring semester GPA was a 4.0 and you are very proud, especially since you had a 3.0 first semester.
4. You haven't gotten to hang out with people very much since you have been home because your mom doesn't want you going anywhere because you have asthma.
5. You have an interview tomorrow! Even though it's only at Pizza Hut, it's a job!
6.You also have another interview for an RA position for school on Wednesday and I prayyyy you get it. That's $10,000 you're saving.
7. Your grandma, aunt, and cousins are coming for Memorial Day Weekend and you're so excited to see some different faces in your house.

I hope you are in an even better place now than you are right now.

Love always,
May 2020 Me<3

May 11th, 2020 → Jul 4th, 2021 • 232 words

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