Time Travelled — about 2 years

A letter from May 6th, 2020

May 06, 2020 May 20, 2022

Dear FutureMe,
So I assume this is senior Kaleea reading this letter. First off look at you ! You made it and didn’t give up and for that I am so proud of you. Hopefully the whole rona didn’t last all these years and you were able to enjoy these precious years. Wow you actually passed your classes hahah who knew you were capable. It’s 2022 I think and wow things have changed. As of now I have so many future plans for you like getting your mental and physical health in order. YOU BETTER HAVE A JOB AND SECURE THAT BAG. Before you leave Chavez and all the years you’ve spent there behind, go tell all your teachers how much you love and appreciate them. Yes Kaleea, even Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Vang. Currently we are in an epidemic and aren’t able to leave our houses. I haven’t seen so many of my friends in so long. Here’s some advice from your past self. Not everyone that is your friend now will stay your friend. I want you to walk around that campus one last time before you step into the real world. Hold that volleyball one more time and just sit and look back on all your memories. For your sake I hope Kathy let you get your nose pierced and a car. Those are mando. Hopefully you were able to take your permit and driving test. I don’t ever want you to forget all the people that have your back and love you. You’ve made it this far so there’s no reason to ever think you won’t make it. I’m praying you get into your dream school and end up being a Peds Surgeon. Gosh you better still be funny ! You better still be friends with Rushlee and if you’re not IDC go find her and make it right. No good friendship is worth losing. I know you and Nicole are having a rough patch right now, but I hope you guys fix it and become closer. I hope you were able to do everything you wanted that was on your high school bucket list. Like stealing a golf cart at least once. Girl boom your mind is gonna always try to trick you but don’t listen Ok. Listen to your heart ALWAYS. Coming from experience if you have a gut feeling go with it. SO as I conclude this I just wanna say I love you and don’t ever forget your #1 motivator is yourself ! You picked yourself up and put yourself back together. DON’T FORGET THAT

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