Time Travelled — 12 months Epilogue

A letter from April 17th, 2020

Dear FutureMe,

You've finally figured out what you want in a relationship - not something like a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but you just want to casually date people. I hope that by the time you're reading this, you've either come to accept that this is a valid thing, or you've matured emotionally and are ready for a relationship. Currently, you're talking to somebody from Dumont, but I doubt that it'll last just because these things don't tend to last for us, but that's okay.

Anyway, let's not talk about relationships. Right now, you're doing really well in your friendships, and I'm really proud of us for that. I recently joined Discord and am connecting with so many people from D3 and making new friends in different clubs. Talking to people is really fun.

You're getting better at listening to people and at being inclusive / non judge-y, so I hope that we can keep being like that. I hope that we continue to learn more about the world and talk to more people about the different thoughts coursing through our mind while also stopping to listen to them. Damn, this probably sounds so pretentious and shit so I'm so sorry for the cringe that you're probably feeling around now. I just really like talking to new and different people, and I can't figure out why.

Around now, you're probably preparing for finals, so I hope that that's going well and that you are stopping to give yourself mental breaks. How is it being an RA? That is if Corona didn't put those plans on hold. Speaking of, I'm really scared that Ti and I's Europe trip is going to be canceled. I really want to go to England to see Connor, man. How is he? Please tell me that you two are still friends. Please tell me that even if you lost touch or distanced yourself from your old friends, that you're happy with the friends that you have now.

I really hope that we're happy, wherever we are in our lives.

Love you long time,
Alex 2020

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hey whore. i'm typing as i read so-

first of all, maam. i have come to accept that at the time, it was a mixture of not being emotionallyy mature enough to handle a relationship, AND also just not finding anybody up to my standards. i forget what dumont kid you're talking about, but if it's dan, thank god it didn't pan out. the kid's actually lame asf aksjdaklsjd

funny that you mention d3 like that, because i'm actually running for the pro position on their e-board. i'll probably write to future us about how it does or whatevaaaa

yeah, that paragraph was a lil pretentious but you're right on the points you made. we've not really talked to /more/ people like that, but we have begun to deepen the conversations we have with us.

oh baby you think we're gonna study 🥺 🥺 🥺 you're so cute ! being an RA is highkey so ass, especially because of the no guest policy rn and since all the perks of being an RA are outweighed by all the extra work we now need to do. the europe trip has been indefinitely cancelled, so that's great. connor's pretty chill, recently got a 3d printer. we don't talk too much, but we do catch up every once in a while. we no longer talk to angie, bry, or niya but at this point i literally don't care. i'm infinitely happy with who we're friends with now, but i know that they won't last like that.

we are happy, and love you even longer time,
alex 2021

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