A letter from April 5th, 2020

Dear FutureMe,
I'm writing from an amazing quarantine that is killing me, maybe by time you will be reading this we'll be able to step foot outside.
It's hard form me to think about you, who you are and how you look because if there is something I learned in these months is that life is unpredictable.
I have many wishes that I hope you accomplished but again its so hard for me right know to picture a such close future.
I hope your life is full of new people that love us unconditionally and those who to me right know matter the most are still there with you.
I hope you will be able to set your life together as I wish now.
I hope you are aware of your worth and you are not afraid to stand up for yourself as I sometimes struggle to do.
I hope you are out of the hell I'm going through now, I hope you are looking back at this dark moment as a memory you moved on from.
I hope you have a healthy relationship with your body cause its pretty clear I don't.
I hope you got rid of all these doubts that go through my mind rn.
I hope you know how to be yourself.
But moreover I wish you are living your best life and I wish so much you love yourself.
I would be nice to see how many of these things are going to be real though I believe in you because I need to believe in my self right now
wish you the best

Written Apr 5th, 2020 • Delivered Apr 5th, 2021 • 270 words

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