A letter from April 5th, 2020

dear future me,
what's up? the reason you're reading this right now is because you were in quarantine, exactly one year ago, bored out of your mind - so after not leaving your house for 19 days, you decided to write this!

let me introduce myself. i am your 15 year old version. happy late birthday, by the way! hope you had a sweet sixteen. anyways, i have a few questions about 2021:
- is the coronavirus still a thing?
- do you still have an unhealthy obsession with tiktok? (please say no)
- how are your parents?
- are you seeing someone?
- is highschool the way you expected it to be? have you made any good friends?

let me refresh your memory about what you were doing exactly a year ago: you were in bed, listening to slipknot (do you still like them?) and feeling genuinely happy because you got out of a rather irritating situation. if you know, you know.

i really wish things are going great for you now, i hope you are doing amazing in highschool (please tell me that you got into the one you wanted) and i hope that you are happy and healthy. not just you, but your family and cat, too.

there is not much left for me to say because everything is really boring right now, from quarantine and everything.

i hope that this letter finds you in good health and good time.

2020 gloria :)

Written Apr 5th, 2020 • Delivered Apr 5th, 2021 • 247 words

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