Time Travelled — 6 months

A letter from December 31st, 2019

Dear Future Me,

I hope you didn't let the year 2019 bring you down, that year wasn't the best time in your life but you definitely met a friend that is worth keeping, just because you started the year with something shitty and not great didn't mean you had to end it shitty, things still didn't end great but it did end better than it started, i want you to have that outlook in life from now on, keep on being you and don't listen to anyone else, even if its a bad idea, it was an idea that came from your head, an idea that you will learn from no matter what the consequences, good or bad. Promise yourself never to let anyone get you to the state you were in that year ever again also if you see anyone in need of help, help them, don't be mad at them if they don't want help, after all, you were in the same exact position were you did not want any help at all. Look after yourself, Keep doing whatever your doing, your amazing. Get back to playing your guitar if you haven't already, you know you love it, They People that brought you down at the end of the year will get whats coming to them don't you forget that, things like this take a lot of time and you will win, i know you have doubts about it but stay true to yourself, you didn't do anything wrong and you know it. Happy Birthday! By now you should have done all your college work for the first year, isn't that amazing? by this time last year you didn't even want to attend college or know that you wanted to attend it, just goes to show if you put your mind to something that you can succeed.

Again, Keep on being yourself, be true, be you and try to be kind to others surrounding you.

Dec 31st, 2019 → Jun 29th, 2020 • 327 words

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