A letter from December 31st, 2019

Dear FutureMe,

Go forth with conviction, compassion, and focus. Read and experience life voraciously.

I say these words with gratitude for all I have already learned and experienced. And with trust that I will make sense of it all.

What do I seek this coming year? I seek to build on the foundation I have built for myself. 2019 has been a deeply fulfilling year. I am proud of myself for the many hours of deep work I have committed to (oh so many Caves).

When I read this letter on December 31, 2020, I want to have made a short POC film that I screen at After Hours. I want to have my feature film in pre-production, ideally with shoot dates on the books for early 2021. I want to braid together in my way the threads for this endeavor. At the core is the work itself, and I am committed to focusing on the screenplay in early 2020. I will also plan ahead for the other areas: fundraising, assembling the team, collaborating with the team, working dynamically in post, and marketing the thing. It is a big capital-D Dragon, and it is worthy of my sustained attention.

And I pray that my mom is healthy. I can’t control her and the universe, but I vow to be there for her, to help her help herself without imposing demands, to love her.

And I will love myself. I will continue to show up for myself where it matters to me. I will be healthy, and I will listen to my inner voice.

As ever,

Sent almost 1 year to the future from December 31st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020