A letter from December 26th, 2019

Dear FutureMe,
2020 is over. What a year, am I right?
No seriously, am I right? I am writing this in 2019, and have absolutely no idea how my next year will turn out to be. It better have been good! You had so many opportunities to make it swell i'm sure. Anyways, i'm writing this to tell you what you SHOULD HAVE accomplished this year. No worries if you didn't , you still got time.
- self security. a.k.a. being okay with being alone, and being independent. If I go away to school I know it will be a really hard adjustment to live away from home. But I know you can do it! You'll have to grow up one day, wether we want to or not. We cant end up like the brothers in step brothers. You should also be okay with being single. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with feeling lonely and wishing for a S.O. but theres also nothing wrong with being single! God has a plan for your life, and wether that involves a boy or not is irrelevant. Because you will be happy.
-a new music artist you've discovered and loved. New or old.
- Sticking up for yourself! Don't let anybody try and tell you who you are. You only know you.
- getting over you-know-who. It's like Voldemort HAHA(but worse). Seriously though, it's about time. You need to realize your self worth and move on! You deserve better and life doesn't stop for anybody! You can be completely successful in life wether he's a part of it or not. Frankly, he doesn't deserve your time of day, so don't give it to him if you don't want to.
- driving on the highway. Get over your fear of traffic and driving, and hopefully getting better about driving long distances. Push yourself, but baby steps first.
- embracing who you are. maybe you're a little different, but that's so amazing! Out of the billions of people living on this earth, individuality is so precious, don't lose it!
- You should vote! Even if the candidates aren't good, you know how IMPORTANT it is that you use your vote women 100 years ago worked so hard to get! Don't throw your vote away! Take advantage of the democracy we have.
- Get new glasses. Currently, my glasses aren't up to date on the prescription and its getting really tiring having to wear contacts until they become too dry and stiff to put in my eyes any longer.
- Make some sustainable changes. Each and everyday our environmental conditions decline. Make some steps to help protect it! Wether it's using bamboo toothbrushes, buying reusable straws, or going zero waste, everything counts. I know you know this, because I know this, and I am you.
- Don't do drugs, okay? I guess what i'm trying to say to: stay true to your roots. Remember who you are, and don't change that for anyone else. Although i'm all for experiencing new things, there's some things better left un-experienced.
- Get back on track with God. My 2019 really sucked. And I lost all my insight and connection towards my faith because of it. But, it's time for a change. Make an effort!!
I love you, and I hope u had a good year. Look for another email coming your way about my predictions for the year!!

Sent about 1 year to the future from December 27th, 2019 to December 31st, 2020