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Checklist for Elder Me

Dear FutureMe,

I am not sure if I have any kid of my own after so many year yet I used to be determined not to have any baby to avoid suffering that insane ten months of preganancy.
Also I am not sure if I still look comfortable and nice with the protection of La Mer for so many years and I am really keen on seeing my own face!

I am not ambitious at all though I still have some anticipations to be fulfilled. The future me shall take a look at followed items to see if you already achieved.
1. Baby? real baby
2. 10 dogs?
3. a retreated house in suburb?
4.still with the same guy you loved? (this could be a silly and hurting question, uh? )
5. sitll have same friends around? how are they going?
6. still live in shanghai or eventually abroad?
7. become an entrepreneur full time now?
8. two old doggie babies still company me?
9. have got dream hermes kelly bag? or Channel 2.55? or Cartier Tank?
10 still looks 5 years younger than actual age?

haha, if most of those questions are positive, i am so proud of myself then. and that means there is no 2012 eventually...

God bless us!!

Sent 10 years to the future, from June 3rd, 2010 to 15 days ago

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