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A letter from June 28th, 2019

Dear Future Me,

I know you are feeling a certain amount of pressure going into your second year.

First, your classroom management was poor, and you're getting many of the same students back. It's going to be a battle to re-teach all those kids with increased boundaries and expectations.

Second, you're taking on some leadership roles in only your second year, which means you have to take that on with a lot of people who don't know you.

Third, admin gave you a dream schedule, so there's added pressure to perform well. You had some excuses (understandable challenges), but this year, you need to step up and meet the pressure to perform, and win.

Keep doing what you're doing. Try hard, work hard, believe in yourself, and be kind to yourself if you aren't perfect.

You've got this.



Sent 1 year to the future, from June 28th, 2019 to 9 days ago

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