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A letter from June 26th, 2019

Jun 25, 2019 Jun 26, 2022

Dear Twinkle,

I hope this letter finds you in one of those mechanical mundane days of life where you are, as usual, systematically busy with your work and this letter slips into your mail - and mingles with the spam mails until you open it one day and *gasp*.

According to my future predictions (which were made, taking into account several parameters) we must be in different cities by now. Doesn't make much of a difference, right? How we thought it would.

It's really a cliche, writing in a letter that "I am out of touch of writing letters". And I realized that while I generally hate cliches, I am fond of this cliche. I have been talking lesser and lesser to you these days, so that doesn't help as well. I no longer know what you want for birthday gifts (neither did I know when we talked often, anyway). I know you like flowers, but you are not in the city. And I'm pretty mad about that, but I won't tell you so. Why you ask? Because I'm an ass! And probably because I know I'd ruin your day if I told you so.

Did I again change my profession? Lol. What am I now? A writer? A photographer? A Data Scientist? I had a thing for being spontaneous about the most important decisions of my life and overthink the mousey ones. xD And you were still indecisive about where to go. So, where are you now? Is life fair? Have you found your niche in this rugged world? Most importantly, are you happy?

Happy Birthday, Twinkle. I hope I did call you up at the midnight. I hope I wished you a 'happy birthday' first-ish. I hope I am around you to make your birthday happy. I hope you stay the same despite of everything you have to face. I hope you still choose shitty restaurants to eat from and make horrible life decisions because its' all you, and I love all of it.


This letter was written with an intention to put a genuine smile on your face and not that pretentious one that you must be pulling off throughout the day.

And, I know you are smiling. Genuinely. :)

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