Time Travelled — almost 3 years

A letter from June 3rd, 2019

Jun 03, 2019 Jun 03, 2022


Peaceful right?

Hey. Today is June 3rd, 2019 and I'm in Mrs. Sweeney's class. Writing this I have a feeling that I can't explain, but bittersweet is close enough. I don't want to grow up and have to have actual responsibilities above homework and baseball, but I also want to because it means I get to do more. Right now, the song I'm listening too the most is Bonfire and I'm still listening to a lot of Kyle. This baseball season isn't going as well as I would like it too, I'm barreling up nice but my plate vision is horrible this year. My obp is .588 and my average is .444. Slugging and ops are looking pretty decent too but I've already tallied up 9 K-L. On the subject of baseball, how are you doing? Are you still catching or even playing at all, is your rotator cuff okay yet? Whatever those answers are It doesn't matter, it just high school and you shouldn't let yourself get too down. I hope that nothing has changed our positive outlook, everything's better when it's good, even the bad. Just have fun, live life and be nice. Above all things, be nice to everyone, whether it's the new kid or the kid you really don't like, just be nice. That's all, have a good summer and good luck in whatever you're doing.



about 1 year later

Hi. That almost bittersweet feeling still hasn’t gone away, but...

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