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A letter from May 23rd, 2019

Dear FutureMe,
Listen, this last year has been tough for you. Hopefully by now, you've learned a lot and are well on your way to the future.

Anyways, enough of that mushy shit. Here are your yearly Points.
1. Have a sense of humor. The world is serious enough without you adding to it.
2. If you have an interest, pursue it however you can. If someone tells you "no" on something, it doesnt mean you cant do it. It just means you cant do it without them.
3. Be the better person. People around you will always be upset over something. Dont let's this ruin your own peace.
4. Accept yourself. You WILL make mistakes, but dont let it get you down. Instead, try to take it as a lesson. There is something to be learned from every experiance.
5. Always try to be learning. The world is full of knowledge and you are ripe for learning. Who knows when this knowledge may come in handy?
6. Be ambitious. Don't get comfortable with any routine daily routine. Always find something to work towards. Find some way to challenge yourself.

P.S. How's that Europe trip?

Sent 1 year to the future, from May 23rd, 2019 to 15 days ago

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