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For Sarah

Dec 10, 2005 Dec 10, 2021


Peaceful right?

Dear Sarah,

I'm writing this on Dec. 10, 2005, while you're away with your girls. Oh, I love you.

I found this site while "stumbling," hitting a button on the browser that takes you to random websites. Instead of writing a letter to my future self, I thought I'd rather write one to my wife.

My worst nightmare right now, is that I have Huntington's Disease, and will someday end up something like my dad. I never want to think that I might treat you the way he now treats mom.

So let me take a moment to tell you how much I love you. (Even if I don't have HD, this'll make a nice surprise in 15 years....)

I love you.
I love you pregnant with our 3rd baby-o.
I love your laugh, especially at our jokes.
I love our guardian angel baby-sitter (s/he still working for us?)
I love your love for our children.
I love watching you with our children.
I love your body (...oh, so beautiful!)
I love your excitement for me and my little toys.
I love going on (our rare but wonderful) dates with you.
I love that you keep reading good, but awfully depressing books.
I love that you love me.
I love that you're so close to your family.
I love sleeping in bed with you.
I hate sleeping alone.
I love that you love pink (even if you don't wear it that often).
I love that you try so hard to keep our little family healthy.
I love that you studied greek.
I love that you collect christmas trees.
I love your scrapbooks of our family (you are soooo creative!)
I love how you kiss me.
I love doing stuff with you.
I love sitting beside you.
I love reading in bed with you.
I love our sense of humour.
I love you.

Have a great day!




4 days later

UPDATE: I don't have Huntington's...

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