Time Travelled — 12 months Epilogue

A letter from January 8th, 2019

Dear FutureMe,
Hey youuuu! It's me, from last year! I am currently sitting in a number called a Huggie, with no pants on. It's pretty much a blanket for your body, but I'm sure you know that because you're probably sitting in something similar right now. The window is open, and you're drinking a leftover latte from Ryan's new espresso machine. Yummy.
Last night, you started rehearsing for the (possible) Japan trip (if the dude will ever get his head out of his ass and finally solidify it). It was rough, but you'll get there. You are totally solo at this point in your career and it's SO freeing and nice. You can write, rehearse and record whenever you feel like it.
In exactly a week, you have a meeting with Handwritten Records. Maybe you're already signed! Or maybe it didn't work out and something brand new is pushing you along. Either way, you're freaking killing it. You are completely harnessing the power of the universe and positivity and making it work for you. You can do anything!

Currently, you are getting ready to release the By The Light music video. And in about a month, you'll release the video for MYF, which you SHOT, DIRECTED AND EDITED ALL ON YOUR OWN. Who the fuck does that?! It's so dope.

(sorry just took a break to turn on a global funk playlist).

Things are looking really promising. For you, for your relationship, for your family, for everything.

Remember to stay grateful. Every day. Look at every single thing you have and say thank you for it. Embrace every good thing that happens to you. Love life. Take deep breaths when you're feeling anxious. Say "I love you" to everyone you love. Be kind. In every part of life. Even when you're driving. Be open to experiences and people. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your growth. YOU. HAVE. TIME.

Practice your affirmations. Money is constantly in a state of flow to you. You are wealthy. You are HEALTHY. You are HAPPY. You are talented. You are smart. You are kind. You are unstoppable. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are sexy. You are loved. You are loving.

REFRESH YOURSELF ON THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: https://kelseyaida.com/theinspirationalblog/why-the-law-of-attraction-works-for-some-people-but-not-you

Anyway, you are such a beautiful person. I am so happy for you.

Happy New Year!

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wow :') She always knew what was up. I've come so far too.

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